Freestanding Muk Yan Chong Wooden Dummy (WIng Chun) FOR SALE

Free-Standing Metal-Base Muk Yan Jong / Wooden Dummy


Superb quality authentic Chinese made Wing Chun Kung Fu Wooden Dummy. Free-standing with square metal base and 8 rubber suction caps to hold the dummy with stability. Very flexiable and easy for you to install in the home or gym, requiring less space than other wooden dummies. Very comfortable, smooth and excellent finish.

Material: Ge Wood like Merbau.
Walnut and red color available!
The diameter of dummy trunk is 20cm
The height from base to top 160cm-165cm
The metal base: The diameter is 45cm
The distance between upper arms and ground: 125-130cm
Arm Diameter (Tip): approx. 4cm
Arm Length: approx. 56cm
Arm Length (from core): approx. 32cm
Distance between top two arm (close): approx. 16cm
Distance between top two arm (open): approx. 21cm
Leg Length: approx. 75cm
Leg Diamter: approx. 8cm
Holes for Arms: 4.5 x 4.5cm
Hole for leg: 6.5 x 6.5cm

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